Taking Advantage of Virtual Assistant Services

Michigan Virtual Assistant Conference

Michigan Virtual Assistant Conference (Photo credit: cletch)

Hiring virtual assistants these days is a common business practice geared to assist enterprises to meet certain productivity levels and growth projections. Outsourcing is especially important for companies who are just starting out because most of their time is dedicated to ensuring growth. In fact, it is almost impossible to take a break from work since it is critical to retain clients while getting as many sales leads as possible to avoid losing in the long run.

A personal full-time assistant at your office which is a local hire may not be the best financial move. With virtual assistant services, however, you reap more advantages like taking that well-deserved break.

So here are more reasons why outsourcing for a virtual workforce to attend to some of your non-core business functions can be a good move. The simple answer is that professionals know that their job involve covering for you by receiving calls and relying all important messages to you via email or text.

How it works?

Virtual assistant services can be obtained through subcontracting or signing up with an independent contractor to carry out the function that personal assistants and secretaries normally carry out.

The difference is that a VA usually work remotely either from an outsourcing company’s office or at the comfort of the VA’s homes, which brings with it extra benefits. One example is being freed to pay overhead costs like computer sets, internet connectivity and work space. Business owners operating from the comfort of their homes are at a better advantage.

Roles and Functions of the VA

Apart from the obvious, virtual assistant services include bookings or moving your appointments as needed. Since VA can perform the job for you exceptionally well, you do not have to deal with lateness or make allowances for sick days. If you contracted the VA like in pre-paid services mode, you only get to pay for the time rendered for working. Holiday or pensions required by local governments are also not your problem any more as they are often not included in the compensation package you signed up the VA just so they can work for you.

Selecting the Right VA

Selecting the offshore staff to render virtual assistant services for you is tricky. You must ensure the individual have a full grasp of the needs of your business and what your sales expectations are. When interviewing the prospective VA, request for the VA to honestly provide you with their expectations of the job and be straightforward that they will handle most, if not all, of the administrative functions. Tell the VA that you are doing this because you need to focus on the core functions of your business to perform better and of course, be able to retain the virtual assistant service. You can also ask the prospective VA about his or her capability to communicate impeccably when needed. Tell the VA at once that any poor communication between you and your VA, and your clients could compromise your client relations, and can work against your bottomline.

The virtual assistant service is a business essential these days. The value that VA can provide you and your business cannot be underestimated, especially if they will prove to be a great asset to your company. So whether you are hiring their services on a temporary or more permanent basis, you should be able to determine how your VA can be an important addition to your business, and eventually give you the breathing room you need to allot more time with your family or take a vacation.

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