Do’s and Don’ts When Selecting A Website Design Firm

Do Not Enter

Do Not Enter (Photo credit: Ellipsis-Imagery)

While you may be sincere and passionate about giving your best shot and handling all the important aspects of your business, including your website, you must admit that there will be certain aspects of your design process that are better offloaded to the hands of professionals. Thus, deciding on a website design firm to handle the tasks of your online presence is a decision that demands careful scrutiny.

To guide you and help you make a necessarily balanced evaluation of your prospective web design firms to handle the projects for you, here is a practical guide about some do’s and don’ts for selecting a strategic design partner and make the right choice.

What are the Do’s?

  • Know exactly what you want (your business objectives, audience and sales targets, etc.) out of your online presence. This is important before and during the stage of getting-to-know your prospective design firms. You must have a starting point so that the web design firm can offer you relevant advice.
  • Register your domain name and do protect its security. There should be some limits about what your design partner know in this regard.
  • After explaining your requirements and answering questions asked to you by your chosen partner, your web design firm should now have a full grasp of your project and be able to provide you with their tentative timeline for completion of all stages. This way, you can monitor the progress of your site development and design.
  • Get to know your prospective design firm if it has the capabilities and expertise to optimise your website and render a responsive version of your presence online so that those browsing your site on mobile devices will have seamless experience visiting your site.
  • A web design firm that dedicate resources for cross-training staff in various disciplines is an A+. A multi-disciplinary team are often more efficient and they are often able to communicate better and efficiently with clients.

How about the “Don’ts?”

  • You should avoid a design agency that prevent its clients from taking part in the web design process. In fact, your role is very important in providing insight about what you need to reflect your business goals. Be sure that your design firm is able to answer your questions and provide you feedback on each design iteration.
  • If the web design firm is serious about their relationship with you, it should be able to provide you with active and functioning URLs for which to view your website, even during the alpha or beta stages of the design process.
  • Don’t neglect nor forget to layout your plans about deploying your website. Your design partner should be on the same page with you on this as you have the option to let your vendor to handle and manage the deployment process. In order for both parties to carry out this process, make sure that you have agreements on deployment to avoid further confusion.
  • A web design firm that is ignorant of SEO is not worth hiring. Knowledge of SEO best practices is an important quality that modern design studio must possess or be expert at.
  • But don’t let your web design firm to design your online site for purely SEO reasons. You still have a target audience to engage and provide your information with and not Google. Just make sure your web design agency is highly-qualified and capable of optimisation without having to sacrifice user experience.

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