Deliver Great Customer Service by Following these Really Smart Virtual Receptionist Tips

virtual receptionistThere are great lessons that anyone responsible in answering calls can learn from virtual receptionists. Remember that your customers want to be pampered, so much so if they feel they’re receiving five-star treatment without needing to ask for it. A phone-answering service is often overlooked and if given that attention, will provide really great first impressions, vouch a distinguished image of the company and promote customer loyalty.

To sound like you are giving five-star service into your organization, here are few virtual receptionist tips to remember. By learning these basic and simple rules, you can provide your customers with the best experience they’ll every have and once they feel engaged, they will surely be the first ones to tell their friends, colleagues or family about their satisfaction.

Be sincerely happy.

Virtual receptionists have found that sounding congenially and sincerely happy over the phone make their customers and callers feel attached, engaged and safe.

Smile when answering calls even if customers don’t personally see it and sound happier to callers. By keeping a cheerful tone throughout the conversation and using phrases like “It’s my pleasure,” “I’am happy to serve you”, will create a positive impact about your organization that will keep callers going back to make a purchase or obtain your service.

Use Powerful Phrases

When customers call, they are not after lengthy, drawn-out conversations. What this means is that your time is limited to engage your customers, express your willingness to help and convey appreciation. Use everyday phrases to promote positive connections to perk up the conversation.

When you seek information, you must not demand it but politely request it. Let your customers know you are a professional who is happy and ready to help no matter what. Don’t forget to acknowledge your customers for taking the time and effort to talk to you.

Avoid Awkwardness

Your caller must never feel awkward. At all cost, be ready to serve and offer help. One way to do so is by polishing your greetings. Immediately follow your greetings with an offer to render assistance because that is what good virtual receptionist does.

So always ask, “How may I help you?” even before your caller ask for it. If for example the person the caller is looking for is unavailable, don’t just swipe a message that tells your caller the obvious, instead offer to ask, “Do you have any message that you would like to leave for the person?”

Parting Words

There even more lessons other than those mentioned above. A virtual receptionist is a person trained to perform this specific job and they know exactly what it means when callers feel they are not forsaken or left in the dark waiting for a response.

Please note that kindness and etiquette go a long way in the corporate world. By putting into practice what you learned from the experienced virtual receptionist, your callers will feel taken cared of, engaged and they will be satisfied with the customer support you extended them.




How Can Small Business Strategic Sourcing Help Government Procurement

Marine Institute Ireland, Strategic_Planning_S...

When applied in the commercial world, strategic sourcing refers to a group of processes and analyses that lead to different manifestations like technical quality. The need to heighten quality and capability levels needed to deliver optimum excellence for customers led to the demand to apply strategic sourcing.

In the commercial world, strategic sourcing is applied for complex services and when combined with value acquisition approaches to achieve maximum quality, especially for true commodities.

Here is where the problem lies. Some contextualize the term “strategic sourcing” as a method for aggregating buys as a means of driving down prices. Government agencies experience this scenario. A smart idea, yes but if not wisely applied, failures are expected.

What Government Strategic Sourcing Should Be Like?

Not until a proper definition of the concept is arrived at, government should be cautious in applying strategic sourcing. It is not to say that this process is bad or unhelpful to achieve cost-efficiency, but the government has the tendency to too quickly adopt en masse new concepts without some careful assessment where and how strategic sourcing concepts are best applied.

Implication to Small Businesses of Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative

There are contradicting sides but some in Congress and in the contracting sector are worried small businesses will not yield much benefit out of strategic sourcing. The main argument against concern competition. It says that businesses, particularly the smaller ones, will be unable to compete to provide government with goods and services.

Erosion of competition is a likely eventuality when the bigger and handful few gets the lion’s share of the government-wide contracts. It is not surprising given big companies’ resources, capabilities and reputation. In the long term, competition will be curtailed and the goods and services derived out of strategic sourcing become only limited to the bigger parties.

How is Strategic Sourcing Best Understood?

As an analytic approach to spending, the view should be how strategic sourcing can benefit the government in the long-term as opposed to the focus of procurement officers to vie on reducing unit costs in the short term.

Small businesses in the IT sector offering strategic sourcing edge out the big ones as the go-to vendors by government because they offer goods and services in response to unique and specialised component. But they could offer so much more if they will not offer “simply” products. If they will consider the demand to provide a more useful and indispensable products and services, the small businesses should approach strategic sourcing in a new way.

Small businesses should match government demand to use strategic sourcing to generate savings but should belabour to offer unique and custom products and services that will secure government requirements.

Why Innovative Web Application Development Keeps Customers Coming Back


Innovation (Photo credit: Vermin Inc)

Apart from your offline store, a web store has many advantages to attract new customers and keep the loyal ones from coming back. A dynamic and functional web presence is not enough, your web presence must be innovative, which can be made possible with the help of professional web application development.


Admit that you cannot do it alone and don’t tinker around waiting for the signs. Start right away to look for a professional company who can help you and build your web application. Do not settle with just any web application development company but you must first look into an agency that’s specialising in web application development with a proven-track record in setting up e-commerce websites, custom web design and development, and mobile and desktop application.


The very good ones know how to help you achieve your business goals and requirements for innovative web application development. But if you want to do it in-house, you sure want to do good and create the best possible online retail shopping experience to your customers. Here are a few tips:


Turn the music down and eliminate distractions


Sounds obvious, yes! Attracting your visitors to find you must be followed by a very good and positive impression and not intimidating. Visitors are easily annoyed by websites that automatically play sounds or video or any kind of flash animations whose sole purpose is to slow down a shopper’s browser. The best way to provide videos on your website is by letting your visitors to set to play only when they choose to. Sometimes, the best way to present your brand, messaging and content are in a manner that is understated, clear and easy for someone to follow.


Provide clear navigation paths


Don’t let hidden menus and other elements on the page be used as some sort of wizardry, assuming your customers will be dazzled or mesmerised. They don’t and they won’t! In fact, the opposite is true and your visitors will get easily annoyed when they couldn’t move around your site. There are web application development approaches that helps users navigate their way easily to your site like providing bread crumbs that allows your users to trace their way back from page to the shopping cart. Remember that your customers will love you more if you make browsing and exploring your site intuitive in nature.


Make Shopping Cart Visible


Online, your shopping cart at your web store serves as your cash register. Remember to make your cart visible every time a customer places an item in their cart up in a corner somewhere at all times. If you can tell your professional web application development company, the cart must be able to show a customer the number of items and an initial subtotal. Checking out as soon as they are done shopping is easier this way. Remember that simplicity can deliver the goods, and the same goes in coming up with a simple, clear and fast checkout process. A shopper with the best shopping experience will return and keep coming back.