Why it’s a Big Deal to Outsource Secretarial Services

Technological boom and globalization are two driving forces that led to the growth of outsourcing. Since like two decades ago when outsourcing has started to gain its prominence, business processes that are otherwise maintained in-house are now getting its siblings from remote locations. Now, it is not new to see both big and small companies that outsource their back-office functions, including secretarial services and there are precisely some good reasons why this is happening.

Why Choose to Outsource Secretarial Services?

Things have dramatically changed and most companies are no longer satisfied with simply hiring a full-time secretary to work in-house. Subcontracting secretarial services was embraced after these companies realised how helpful outsourcing is for their business and after observing that more stable service providers have been established.

Among the known benefits in getting such secretarial service outsourced to a third party is the good financial sense of doing it. Small business who only want a temporary support can avoid the expenses associated with paying other labour charge including health and insurance coverages. Then since some of the secretarial tasks are menial like filing, light bookkeeping, typing, taking dictations and doing transcriptions, but these are time-consuming and would end up taking away from you precious time that you can would otherwise spend performing the core processes of your business like strategising, and the likes. With secretarial services that you can manage more conveniently, meanwhile, you get grips of the other functions that need your full attention.

What Secretarial Services Can Do for Your Business?

Filing – This task can be done once every month and it requires on-site supervision. A service provider can work on a per contract or temporary basis to quickly complete the task for you. Much more, there is minimal expenses and fuss attached to doing it.

Light Bookkeeping – There are light bookkeeping that can be outsourced to a temporary secretarial services provider. The person who will be assigned to handle this role will need a clear understanding of double-entry accounting, general mathematics and at least a college diploma to perform the tasks. Accounting tasks should be delegated to qualified accountant or accounting firm to avoid mistakes and getting penalised for non-compliance of tax regulations.

Typing – A sectary with superior typing skills and speed can be tapped to assist on a temporary basis. This role might include typing mailings or letters, and running errands. As is the case among most receptionists, the qualification for such job is some degree of typing skills but a professional secretarial services can provide additional benefits such as proofreading and more mature handling of typing assignments or tasks.

Dictation and Transcription tasks – These are regarded as complex and critical areas of secretarial services because the barometer of excellence is accuracy and quality of the performance of the task. There is a professional training required and experience in handling the services simply because of the risks of committing mistakes. Hiring a firm specialising in professional secretarial service will have the right people who are experts in taking dictations and performing transcription jobs.

These secretarial service professionals albeit being available for temporary work assignments can really provide superior results for small businesses, which in effect can help reduct costs.


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