Website Design for Dummies: Useful and Practical Tips

website ideas

website ideas (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

The craft and practice of web designing is an interesting and alluring work. However, part of the secrets to designing a consistently impeccable, elegant and timeless design have to involve a grasp and understanding by the designer of what he or she is doing. This is the very reason why this idea to bring out a Website Design for Dummies is now brought to you by yours truly.

Use the following tips to become more knowledgeable and competent when you are up to the task of designing your next website.

Website Design for Dummies Tip No. 1

Don’t overuse JavaScript. It’s true and we are not totally forgetful of what Java had opened in terms of providing interactive website experience. But if you are mindful of your site visitors, you will realize that no one is actually enjoying their experience since sites that sport Java are difficult to deal with in the first place.

Your visitors may not be using a browser you specifically use for your purpose so the tendency is for these users to not have the most updated versions of the browser they use to check your site. Worst comes worst, these users may not at enabled their JavaScript settings on in their browsers. As a result, you cannot expect your intended users to access your sites.

Website Design For Dummies Tip No. 2

Pop-ups! They’re hated and cursed! So forget putting pop-ups at all. Your users are most definitely turned off by websites that appear too proud to provide pop-ups whether in a form of an ad or something else like inviting your site visitors to like your Facebook fan page.

It is also often regarded as irritating and frustrating that instead of keeping your audience to stick around for life, they end up going to your rivals in the web sphere.

Website Design For Dummies Tip No. 3

Background colours are not only helpful in evoking professionalism and elan to your site, they too are helpful in creating that first good impression to last. However, some find it agonizing to choose the perfect and most suitable colour scheme for their websites. This problem is actually easy to solve by simply resorting to plain and white background.

Our suggestion has found a backup from studies that informs about the usefulness of simply using white background with black text for giving readers the eases means to read on the web. In addition to this, there is the effect that your content is expertly made and trustworthy. The more that a website is too colourful, pattern-laced and too decorative, the more that they appear distracting and annoying.

Website Design For Dummies Tip No. 4

Use meta tags wisely as these help attract visitors to your website. It also should offer quality to help show different search engines what your website is all about.

Done incorrectly, like not providing appropriate and relevant meta tags, chances are for your site to be undiscoverable because search engines will incorrectly place your site incorrectly. In the end, you won’t get a lot of traffic because your intended audience will not find you.

Website Design for Dummies Tip No. 5

Conduct a browser compatibility test. Chances are your site design and look will not appear right and work fine in all browsers. To help you achieve your desired output, always check your website across all common web browsers.

We do hope that the above-stated website design tips opened your eyes to the reality about web designing. It is not easy, but everything now can be learned even by simply conducting a self-study and more practice. Gain the necessary skills to build an outstanding website presence by simply following our few simple tips and guidelines as to what constitute a great web design and never be a dummy again.


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