Why Your Business Must Think of Philippine Outsourcing Advantages and Disadvantages

outsourcing Philippines

A medical transcriptionist working in a medical transcription outsourced environment. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This will be a quick guide about outsourcing. The purpose of this article is to help you in deciding when outsourcing to grow your business. And Philippine outsourcing advantages and disadvantages checklist is presented in an easy-to-remember guide to help in your decision making.

A Short History

For a few decades, contact center operations are used as the benchmark in measuring the success rate of the BPO sector. The turn of events was so fast in the business landscape whereby IT services are currently getting the limelight.

When the Philippines started to enter the frame of outsourcing, it was never too long until its back-office solution services became most sought after for IT projects by international companies.

Today, the battle grows fiercer between the Philippines and India for the best global outsourcing hub spot. However, most experts agree that it will soon be the Philippines which will dominate the contact center and BPO sectors.

Should the country continue to deliver the gives since the Southeast Asian country have other qualities that give it the smarts, it has the potential to grab that place.

A number of factors sailed the Philippines to the mainstream outsourcing business – from a number of competent and professional skilled Filipinos, high English language proficiency rates, infrastructure, government support to low cost wages, the Philippine outsourcing finally get edgier and come of age.

Now, the Upside and Downside of Philippine Outsourcing


Western Culture Affinity

If you think hard about this Philippine outsourcing advantages and disadvantages list, America would surely work with Filipinos and find the strong culture affinity of the Filipinos with American culture.

Rich High-Value Talent Pool

Not only there are many educated Filipinos, these talent pool is competitive with a good command of the English language which make this race a very attractive case for foreign outsourcers.

Best of all, Filipinos are cheaper and more affordable because they offer quality services, which is a factor when deciding to outsource using this Philippine outsourcing advantages and disadvantages checklist.

The Disadvantages of Outsourcing in the Philippines

Beside Philippine outsourcing advantages, and disadvantages include increasing rental rates that BPO companies must bear when operating in major business central districts like Makati, Cebu and Davao.

It is also a demerit that there are still a few cities in the country that are equipped with sophisticated infrastructures that can handle the requirements of business process outsourcing firms.

Final Words

As helpful as knowing the right outsourcing option to grow your business, use this Philippine outsourcing advantages and disadvantages checklist when considering the country out of the other relevant countries offering BPO and IT outsourcing services.


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