Benefits You Will Get in Outsourcing Secretarial Services for your Business

Outsourcing secretarial servicesRunning your start up is never easy as you will need to balance the core with non-core business strategies and functions. Outsourcing has been a boon for many companies – big or small – who are in constant search for efficiencies and cost advantages. If it is outsourcing secretarial services for your business that you need at this very moment, continue reading below why we advice you to jump ship.

What Corporate Secretarial Services Provides

Then and now, secretaries working for companies have offered relief and ease to executives and managers in juggling their works and tasks. The latest trend toward outsourcing secretarial services for your business has only picked up in recent decades, following advancements in modern Internet facilities, as well as the availability of sophisticated hardware and software tools.

Administrative requirements and needs are the basic work attended to by secretarial services companies and it also can easily be outsourced. Quite similar with an in-house or full-time secretary, outsourced secretarial services perform relative tasks of maintaining statutory books, keeping records of Board meetings and registering company secretaries or directors. Secretarial job also include filing and maintaining of your corporation’s annual reports and accounts.

From In-House to Outsourcing Corporate Secretarial Services

The preference to keep the responsibilities handled by corporate secretaries in-house has changed. Today, not a handful outsource their corporate secretarial functions. It is also proven true that managing the position directly in-house no longer holds to be true.

Outsourcing secretarial services for your business can even offer better results when remotely you can hire someone who are equally proficient, trustworthy and responsible. Being accessible has also become a relative term, made possible by virtual workers.

Organizations worldwide have realized the many benefits outsourcing secretarial services has reaped for their businesses. These days, outsourcing is preferred because it was discovered as an inexpensive option after learning the benefits outsourcing delivers.

Benefits Outsourcing Corporate Secretarial Services Offer

The results of outsourcing secretarial services for your business are plenty and can easily be felt in the level of conformity to standard practice of corporate secretarial functions that were achieved.

There were also valuable benefits in the amount of hours that can be saved when the corporate secretarial functions were delegated. Executives were more than able to focus on the more important business of the organization.

Outsourcing secretarial services for your business can also prove effective because your vendor are made aware of their responsibilities and accountability with you. Your provider ensure that you focus on your strategies as they deploy proficient and dedicated pool of secretarial services staff. They have to meet your requirements and not fail you.

With outsourcing secretarial services for your business, you can only opt for specific functions or tasks tailored for the requirements of your business. These are made possible to provide you with affordability and unparalleled efficiency of itemized or packaged corporate secretarial solutions.


Why Your Business Must Think of Philippine Outsourcing Advantages and Disadvantages

outsourcing Philippines

A medical transcriptionist working in a medical transcription outsourced environment. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This will be a quick guide about outsourcing. The purpose of this article is to help you in deciding when outsourcing to grow your business. And Philippine outsourcing advantages and disadvantages checklist is presented in an easy-to-remember guide to help in your decision making.

A Short History

For a few decades, contact center operations are used as the benchmark in measuring the success rate of the BPO sector. The turn of events was so fast in the business landscape whereby IT services are currently getting the limelight.

When the Philippines started to enter the frame of outsourcing, it was never too long until its back-office solution services became most sought after for IT projects by international companies.

Today, the battle grows fiercer between the Philippines and India for the best global outsourcing hub spot. However, most experts agree that it will soon be the Philippines which will dominate the contact center and BPO sectors.

Should the country continue to deliver the gives since the Southeast Asian country have other qualities that give it the smarts, it has the potential to grab that place.

A number of factors sailed the Philippines to the mainstream outsourcing business – from a number of competent and professional skilled Filipinos, high English language proficiency rates, infrastructure, government support to low cost wages, the Philippine outsourcing finally get edgier and come of age.

Now, the Upside and Downside of Philippine Outsourcing


Western Culture Affinity

If you think hard about this Philippine outsourcing advantages and disadvantages list, America would surely work with Filipinos and find the strong culture affinity of the Filipinos with American culture.

Rich High-Value Talent Pool

Not only there are many educated Filipinos, these talent pool is competitive with a good command of the English language which make this race a very attractive case for foreign outsourcers.

Best of all, Filipinos are cheaper and more affordable because they offer quality services, which is a factor when deciding to outsource using this Philippine outsourcing advantages and disadvantages checklist.

The Disadvantages of Outsourcing in the Philippines

Beside Philippine outsourcing advantages, and disadvantages include increasing rental rates that BPO companies must bear when operating in major business central districts like Makati, Cebu and Davao.

It is also a demerit that there are still a few cities in the country that are equipped with sophisticated infrastructures that can handle the requirements of business process outsourcing firms.

Final Words

As helpful as knowing the right outsourcing option to grow your business, use this Philippine outsourcing advantages and disadvantages checklist when considering the country out of the other relevant countries offering BPO and IT outsourcing services.

How Can Small Business Strategic Sourcing Help Government Procurement

Marine Institute Ireland, Strategic_Planning_S...

When applied in the commercial world, strategic sourcing refers to a group of processes and analyses that lead to different manifestations like technical quality. The need to heighten quality and capability levels needed to deliver optimum excellence for customers led to the demand to apply strategic sourcing.

In the commercial world, strategic sourcing is applied for complex services and when combined with value acquisition approaches to achieve maximum quality, especially for true commodities.

Here is where the problem lies. Some contextualize the term “strategic sourcing” as a method for aggregating buys as a means of driving down prices. Government agencies experience this scenario. A smart idea, yes but if not wisely applied, failures are expected.

What Government Strategic Sourcing Should Be Like?

Not until a proper definition of the concept is arrived at, government should be cautious in applying strategic sourcing. It is not to say that this process is bad or unhelpful to achieve cost-efficiency, but the government has the tendency to too quickly adopt en masse new concepts without some careful assessment where and how strategic sourcing concepts are best applied.

Implication to Small Businesses of Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative

There are contradicting sides but some in Congress and in the contracting sector are worried small businesses will not yield much benefit out of strategic sourcing. The main argument against concern competition. It says that businesses, particularly the smaller ones, will be unable to compete to provide government with goods and services.

Erosion of competition is a likely eventuality when the bigger and handful few gets the lion’s share of the government-wide contracts. It is not surprising given big companies’ resources, capabilities and reputation. In the long term, competition will be curtailed and the goods and services derived out of strategic sourcing become only limited to the bigger parties.

How is Strategic Sourcing Best Understood?

As an analytic approach to spending, the view should be how strategic sourcing can benefit the government in the long-term as opposed to the focus of procurement officers to vie on reducing unit costs in the short term.

Small businesses in the IT sector offering strategic sourcing edge out the big ones as the go-to vendors by government because they offer goods and services in response to unique and specialised component. But they could offer so much more if they will not offer “simply” products. If they will consider the demand to provide a more useful and indispensable products and services, the small businesses should approach strategic sourcing in a new way.

Small businesses should match government demand to use strategic sourcing to generate savings but should belabour to offer unique and custom products and services that will secure government requirements.

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Payroll Solutions

English: Payroll Process Map

English: Payroll Process Map (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Small and medium-sized business owners are faced with a number of challenges in running and managing the operations of their business. If they are seeing growth is happening, they may no longer be able to handle HR tasks including payroll processing. It is at this point when outsourcing payroll solutions can give these companies a lot of big help.

By outsourcing payroll processing, you entrust the responsibility in your finance and payroll operations to a third party vendor. Many can attest the value of outsourcing and how much money and time you’ll be able to save. Small and medium-sized enterprises who can’t yet afford to have or maintain a dedicated financial department for managing staff payroll can better take a look at what payroll outsourcing can do to their business.

Why payroll outsourcing is necessary?

When some people consider what’s involved in the processing of payroll, some have the wrong idea that this is only about writing cheques and paying staff payroll on time. It is more than that as payroll process includes the tasks of calculating the staff’s basic pay, tax deductions, computation of insurance and benefits, and more. There are also calculations over claims for medical insurance bills, housing, rent, holiday payments, and other similar items. What this tells us is the complex and arduous process involved in calculating the salary of an employee. What if you have 1,000 employees?

Outsourcing payroll solution can rid you with the troubles of setting up infrastructures required when you finally decided to setup up a financial department. Not only the process of setting up time consuming, it is also a very costly affair. You might also be surprised that you have to deal with attrition of even your very best and well-trained personnel. Small companies are able to save nearly 50% of the cost spent on the processing of payroll.

Providers of payroll solutions make sue that their employees are trained very well on the taxation rules of different countries. They also have sufficient software that can handle the payroll calculations error-free. Since they are expected to be masters in this field, outsourcing firm make sure their staff are updated with even the slightest changes by taxation authorities and government policies concerning payroll. Their full grasp of the payroll system gives them the credibility to answer or reply to employee queries about salaries either by phone or email.

When starting your search for outsourcing payroll company, review the reliability of the firm. Make sure your prospective vendor is trust-worthy and your files will be secured and not disclose these confidential information. To do the security checks, you can rely on the references or client testimonials of those who’ve previously worked with your chosen vendors. Sometimes your vendor can tell you all the positive remarks from their former bosses so you should request from them addresses or contact information of their clients and conduct your own background check.

Another important reminder when outsourcing payroll solution is by asking what other areas your provider can do beyond their speciality. It is important that the provider is also capable of handling HR and other accounting solutions like tax and compliance. You can also opt to choose many but even a single provider can be helpful in reducing the burden of managing several vendors at once and will improve integration.

Why Do People Think Call Center Outsourcing is a Good Idea?

call center outsourcingIn today’s highly-competitive business landscape, demands need to be filled in a jiffy. Small to large enterprises recognize the need to provide optimum customer service through call center service. Hence, call center

outsourcing has become an indispensable process sought and maintained by domestic Australian and international organisations today to meet the demand gaps between your company and your customers through the personal touch of call centers.

Small companies cannot simply afford to overlook what customer support can do to secure sales, generate customer leads, encourage customer loyalty and establish long-lasting relationships. Apart from these advantages that you stand to lose along the process, your company might also suffer from losing favor with your customers, lagging behind the competition, and worst, seeing your company assaulted by survival crisis.

The problem can be addressed through either setting up your internal call center or choosing to outsource customer support. Even large businesses prefer outsourcing call center as it gives them access to skilled human resources, technological infrastructure, best practices, and innovation without paying for overhead fee or investments.

So why do people think call center outsourcing is smart? We’ll give you five reasons how this viable business practice can bring your more success that you never thought were possible then:

Provide customers with 24/7 support, across different time zones

There is a global shift in the way business are undertaken. Even small companies are expected to provide 24-hour customer support to their global clients whose time zones vary. When you can provide 24/365 operating model to your customers, you not only keep them but also ascertains that they receive the right assistance as and when they needed it from just anywhere around the world. When your customers feel they are taken cared of and your support is provided them without hassles, you gain out of retaining these loyal customers through to the future.

Save on cost of setting up in-house call center

Setting up your internal call center hub would have your company incur heavy investments in terms of providing the required infrastructure and technology. It is also time-consuming as well as expensive to undergo through the process of hiring and training call center agents to make them oriented to your organisational policies and methodologies. As a result, your energy and resources are then diverted from the core operations of your business. On the other hand, call center outsourcing allows you to manage only the core functions of the business process of your company.

Fill in customer support gap

Setting up and maintaining your in-house call center does not immediately rid you some of the troubles and woes of the growing pains of having this new component of your business. The move will also not make an expert customer support provider out of your company. The reason basically emerges out of the reality that there would still be pressure handling your core business. But when you outsource to a third party your customer support, you receive access to expertise as call centers are already experienced to customer support. Outsourced call centers have expertise in the field since their primary task and focus belong to the delivery of quality services.

 Call center outsourcing is not only a fad. It is a lasting trend that could spell business success to your company’s performance from short to long-term duration. Yes, we believe that outsourcing customer service is a good idea and what they offer is here to stay to help bring long-term success to any business who will realize the promise of this business practice.

Are you ready to outsource your customer service? Contact:

3 Reasons Outsourcing Help in Business Process Improvement

found photo: business leaders

found photo: business leaders (Photo credit: squareintheteeth)

Once again underscoring that outsourcing pretty addresses business cost savings will be redundant on our part. If you are a company in Australia who is after business process improvement, you know that outsourcing can go beyond that. It is the right combination of outsourcing logic and strategy that will likely drive better performance for your business.

Those who embrace outsourcing know very well what this business model can offer: superior technology, certified processes, state of the art infrastructure and economies of scale. Meaning, it is not merely an option to look for a good outsourcing company but an imperative business solution to become competitive in today’s dynamic business environment.

There are many outsourcing companies who offer numerous benefits and advantages if their service will be sought. For a little more cost, mature off shoring companies can bring extraordinary business outcome to your organization because of their specialized knowledge, domain experience and talent pool.

Benefits to business processes of outsourcing

Successful companies who outsource know that their outsourcing decision was marked by several considerations like cost reduction, improved flexibility, enhanced capabilities and more. Let us look into the other benefits of outsourcing to business process improvement.

Improved Efficiency

Organizations are able to improve their operational efficiency through outsourcing. The outcome of a streamlined outsourced process also help companies realize considerable value when critical processes are transformed. Partnering with a mature off shoring company help small to medium-sized business owners to achieve better business outcomes by leveraging the provider’s innovation and best practices.

Start new projects quickly

Outsourcing with proven transition methodologies can offer the best deal. When you outsource project managers, for instance, you can expect him to deal with the standards and integration issues, plus training and knowledge transfer can be considerably implemented, and a lot more out of the kinks that need to be ironed out. The bottom-line: it is understandable if you are a start up and projects come to you at a pace much faster than you can carry them all with both hands that you want to implement faster and reduce time to market.

Focusing on your core business

Time management is an important aspect of business. If you are the business owner who juggle a lot of core and non-core business processes of your company, you sure can be more productive if you only mind core aspects of the business process. Multitasking just seem attractive but it is pointless when the result at the end of the day is diminished productivity. Outsourcing can save you much of the energy and time you need that are better spend in your business core services. Outsourcing your basic, non-income generating activity of your business to offshore partners can help you achieve business process improvement to drive better performance.