Hiring A Virtual Assistant Through Outsourcing

Hiring a Virtual AssistantAn online marketer these days is busier than what one thinks.  That is because not only he will have to set his sights on how to promote his products and/or services but he also has to monitor the progress of his eCommerce websites.  Some of these tasks that he will have to perform can really eat up his time which eventually will even make him spend and waste a lot of money and effort.  That is why it is very important that he need to have some sort of virtual assistance and hiring a virtual assistant is his best decision.

The VA or the virtual assistant is somewhat an extension of an online merchant.  One can also put it this way: the person who is doing virtual assistant services to anyone who hires him or her is some sort of a secretary.  The only thing different is they communicate online either through emails and chat services, to name a few.  They may not see each other personally even for a couple of years but they can get to build teamwork in trying to keep the online merchant’s online business at a progressive level.

This is a kind of task that has a collaborative relationship between the virtual assistant and the person or company that hired him and their relationship is build largely on mutual trust.  The hired person can work on a variety of many different things depending on the skills that the client needs from him.

Hiring a virtual assistant can take away an online merchant’s worries.  With him around, the online businessman can do other things that are also important in his venture in online marketing.  He doesn’t have to worry about keeping track of his schedules, his virtual secretary can arrange meetings and appointments and the virtual secretary can even be assigned to do a little of link building and/or article writing, to name a few.   That person can also be assigned and responsible to checking and answering emails, he can even be assigned to pay personal bills of his client and can do online research in line with the business of the online marketer who hired him.

However, hiring a virtual assistant can also be a pain in the neck.  That is because an online marketer will have to choose from hundreds and even thousands of virtual assistants available not only in his own area but offshore as well.  If that is the case, one of the best things that any online marketer or company doing online marketing can do is to outsource to a BPO company and let that BPO company find someone who can be trusted, who is efficient, diligent and can do a lot of work with less supervision.


Why it’s a Big Deal to Outsource Secretarial Services

Technological boom and globalization are two driving forces that led to the growth of outsourcing. Since like two decades ago when outsourcing has started to gain its prominence, business processes that are otherwise maintained in-house are now getting its siblings from remote locations. Now, it is not new to see both big and small companies that outsource their back-office functions, including secretarial services and there are precisely some good reasons why this is happening.

Why Choose to Outsource Secretarial Services?

Things have dramatically changed and most companies are no longer satisfied with simply hiring a full-time secretary to work in-house. Subcontracting secretarial services was embraced after these companies realised how helpful outsourcing is for their business and after observing that more stable service providers have been established.

Among the known benefits in getting such secretarial service outsourced to a third party is the good financial sense of doing it. Small business who only want a temporary support can avoid the expenses associated with paying other labour charge including health and insurance coverages. Then since some of the secretarial tasks are menial like filing, light bookkeeping, typing, taking dictations and doing transcriptions, but these are time-consuming and would end up taking away from you precious time that you can would otherwise spend performing the core processes of your business like strategising, and the likes. With secretarial services that you can manage more conveniently, meanwhile, you get grips of the other functions that need your full attention.

What Secretarial Services Can Do for Your Business?

Filing – This task can be done once every month and it requires on-site supervision. A service provider can work on a per contract or temporary basis to quickly complete the task for you. Much more, there is minimal expenses and fuss attached to doing it.

Light Bookkeeping – There are light bookkeeping that can be outsourced to a temporary secretarial services provider. The person who will be assigned to handle this role will need a clear understanding of double-entry accounting, general mathematics and at least a college diploma to perform the tasks. Accounting tasks should be delegated to qualified accountant or accounting firm to avoid mistakes and getting penalised for non-compliance of tax regulations.

Typing – A sectary with superior typing skills and speed can be tapped to assist on a temporary basis. This role might include typing mailings or letters, and running errands. As is the case among most receptionists, the qualification for such job is some degree of typing skills but a professional secretarial services can provide additional benefits such as proofreading and more mature handling of typing assignments or tasks.

Dictation and Transcription tasks – These are regarded as complex and critical areas of secretarial services because the barometer of excellence is accuracy and quality of the performance of the task. There is a professional training required and experience in handling the services simply because of the risks of committing mistakes. Hiring a firm specialising in professional secretarial service will have the right people who are experts in taking dictations and performing transcription jobs.

These secretarial service professionals albeit being available for temporary work assignments can really provide superior results for small businesses, which in effect can help reduct costs.

Deliver Great Customer Service by Following these Really Smart Virtual Receptionist Tips

virtual receptionistThere are great lessons that anyone responsible in answering calls can learn from virtual receptionists. Remember that your customers want to be pampered, so much so if they feel they’re receiving five-star treatment without needing to ask for it. A phone-answering service is often overlooked and if given that attention, will provide really great first impressions, vouch a distinguished image of the company and promote customer loyalty.

To sound like you are giving five-star service into your organization, here are few virtual receptionist tips to remember. By learning these basic and simple rules, you can provide your customers with the best experience they’ll every have and once they feel engaged, they will surely be the first ones to tell their friends, colleagues or family about their satisfaction.

Be sincerely happy.

Virtual receptionists have found that sounding congenially and sincerely happy over the phone make their customers and callers feel attached, engaged and safe.

Smile when answering calls even if customers don’t personally see it and sound happier to callers. By keeping a cheerful tone throughout the conversation and using phrases like “It’s my pleasure,” “I’am happy to serve you”, will create a positive impact about your organization that will keep callers going back to make a purchase or obtain your service.

Use Powerful Phrases

When customers call, they are not after lengthy, drawn-out conversations. What this means is that your time is limited to engage your customers, express your willingness to help and convey appreciation. Use everyday phrases to promote positive connections to perk up the conversation.

When you seek information, you must not demand it but politely request it. Let your customers know you are a professional who is happy and ready to help no matter what. Don’t forget to acknowledge your customers for taking the time and effort to talk to you.

Avoid Awkwardness

Your caller must never feel awkward. At all cost, be ready to serve and offer help. One way to do so is by polishing your greetings. Immediately follow your greetings with an offer to render assistance because that is what good virtual receptionist does.

So always ask, “How may I help you?” even before your caller ask for it. If for example the person the caller is looking for is unavailable, don’t just swipe a message that tells your caller the obvious, instead offer to ask, “Do you have any message that you would like to leave for the person?”

Parting Words

There even more lessons other than those mentioned above. A virtual receptionist is a person trained to perform this specific job and they know exactly what it means when callers feel they are not forsaken or left in the dark waiting for a response.

Please note that kindness and etiquette go a long way in the corporate world. By putting into practice what you learned from the experienced virtual receptionist, your callers will feel taken cared of, engaged and they will be satisfied with the customer support you extended them.



Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Payroll Solutions

English: Payroll Process Map

English: Payroll Process Map (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Small and medium-sized business owners are faced with a number of challenges in running and managing the operations of their business. If they are seeing growth is happening, they may no longer be able to handle HR tasks including payroll processing. It is at this point when outsourcing payroll solutions can give these companies a lot of big help.

By outsourcing payroll processing, you entrust the responsibility in your finance and payroll operations to a third party vendor. Many can attest the value of outsourcing and how much money and time you’ll be able to save. Small and medium-sized enterprises who can’t yet afford to have or maintain a dedicated financial department for managing staff payroll can better take a look at what payroll outsourcing can do to their business.

Why payroll outsourcing is necessary?

When some people consider what’s involved in the processing of payroll, some have the wrong idea that this is only about writing cheques and paying staff payroll on time. It is more than that as payroll process includes the tasks of calculating the staff’s basic pay, tax deductions, computation of insurance and benefits, and more. There are also calculations over claims for medical insurance bills, housing, rent, holiday payments, and other similar items. What this tells us is the complex and arduous process involved in calculating the salary of an employee. What if you have 1,000 employees?

Outsourcing payroll solution can rid you with the troubles of setting up infrastructures required when you finally decided to setup up a financial department. Not only the process of setting up time consuming, it is also a very costly affair. You might also be surprised that you have to deal with attrition of even your very best and well-trained personnel. Small companies are able to save nearly 50% of the cost spent on the processing of payroll.

Providers of payroll solutions make sue that their employees are trained very well on the taxation rules of different countries. They also have sufficient software that can handle the payroll calculations error-free. Since they are expected to be masters in this field, outsourcing firm make sure their staff are updated with even the slightest changes by taxation authorities and government policies concerning payroll. Their full grasp of the payroll system gives them the credibility to answer or reply to employee queries about salaries either by phone or email.

When starting your search for outsourcing payroll company, review the reliability of the firm. Make sure your prospective vendor is trust-worthy and your files will be secured and not disclose these confidential information. To do the security checks, you can rely on the references or client testimonials of those who’ve previously worked with your chosen vendors. Sometimes your vendor can tell you all the positive remarks from their former bosses so you should request from them addresses or contact information of their clients and conduct your own background check.

Another important reminder when outsourcing payroll solution is by asking what other areas your provider can do beyond their speciality. It is important that the provider is also capable of handling HR and other accounting solutions like tax and compliance. You can also opt to choose many but even a single provider can be helpful in reducing the burden of managing several vendors at once and will improve integration.

Taking Advantage of Virtual Assistant Services

Michigan Virtual Assistant Conference

Michigan Virtual Assistant Conference (Photo credit: cletch)

Hiring virtual assistants these days is a common business practice geared to assist enterprises to meet certain productivity levels and growth projections. Outsourcing is especially important for companies who are just starting out because most of their time is dedicated to ensuring growth. In fact, it is almost impossible to take a break from work since it is critical to retain clients while getting as many sales leads as possible to avoid losing in the long run.

A personal full-time assistant at your office which is a local hire may not be the best financial move. With virtual assistant services, however, you reap more advantages like taking that well-deserved break.

So here are more reasons why outsourcing for a virtual workforce to attend to some of your non-core business functions can be a good move. The simple answer is that professionals know that their job involve covering for you by receiving calls and relying all important messages to you via email or text.

How it works?

Virtual assistant services can be obtained through subcontracting or signing up with an independent contractor to carry out the function that personal assistants and secretaries normally carry out.

The difference is that a VA usually work remotely either from an outsourcing company’s office or at the comfort of the VA’s homes, which brings with it extra benefits. One example is being freed to pay overhead costs like computer sets, internet connectivity and work space. Business owners operating from the comfort of their homes are at a better advantage.

Roles and Functions of the VA

Apart from the obvious, virtual assistant services include bookings or moving your appointments as needed. Since VA can perform the job for you exceptionally well, you do not have to deal with lateness or make allowances for sick days. If you contracted the VA like in pre-paid services mode, you only get to pay for the time rendered for working. Holiday or pensions required by local governments are also not your problem any more as they are often not included in the compensation package you signed up the VA just so they can work for you.

Selecting the Right VA

Selecting the offshore staff to render virtual assistant services for you is tricky. You must ensure the individual have a full grasp of the needs of your business and what your sales expectations are. When interviewing the prospective VA, request for the VA to honestly provide you with their expectations of the job and be straightforward that they will handle most, if not all, of the administrative functions. Tell the VA that you are doing this because you need to focus on the core functions of your business to perform better and of course, be able to retain the virtual assistant service. You can also ask the prospective VA about his or her capability to communicate impeccably when needed. Tell the VA at once that any poor communication between you and your VA, and your clients could compromise your client relations, and can work against your bottomline.

The virtual assistant service is a business essential these days. The value that VA can provide you and your business cannot be underestimated, especially if they will prove to be a great asset to your company. So whether you are hiring their services on a temporary or more permanent basis, you should be able to determine how your VA can be an important addition to your business, and eventually give you the breathing room you need to allot more time with your family or take a vacation.

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