How To Outsource Web Development Jobs

outsourcing web developmentThere are many ways on how to outsource web development jobs especially if you are an online marketer and don’t have any idea on how to create websites and how to do web development. It is really very important that an online businessman or merchant like you should be able to know how and where to outsource website creation services so that not only you can save a lot of time, money and effort but you can also spend some time with other things that are also important for your online marketing ventures like writing articles, link building and SEO or search engine optimization.

One of the best ways to outsource a web developer is to go online and look for sites like an online workplace site where you can find not only web developers but other workers as well who are very essential in your online community. Odesk is one of them. You can even find not just an individual who can serve as your web developer but you can also find a web development company promoting itself to serve online merchants like you in helping you out with your web development concerns.

For many years, Odesk has already helped not only online merchants but other people as well such as researchers or even students who have difficult time in writing thesis, etc. They go online through Odesk and find someone who can do the thesis on their behalf.

Now, for online merchants like you, another way to on how to outsource web development jobs is to outsource to a BPO company or directly to a web development company. Many of your fellow online businessmen are now trying to outsource web development in the Philippines.

But, why it is recommended to outsource to a Philippines-based web development firm or company? First and foremost, Philippines is now the BPO capital of the world. Many people find it practical to outsource to a BPO company to find someone who can do a required task for them. If you are looking for the best developer, you can find the best at a price you can afford.

Philippines-based web developer are innovative, they are diligent and hard-working. They have graduated from reputable colleges and universities and they have enthusiasm in whatever they are doing. What’s more, their culture is adaptable and they are fluent in speaking English and communicating with them is a no-sweat endeavor.

There are still many ways on how to outsource web development jobs and, so far, these are the two best, reliable and most effective ways and that’s by finding people to work for you via Odesk or you can outsource directly to a web development firm or company and the best place to find the best is Philippines.


Why Use HTML5 Responsive Framework for Web Development

HTML5 frameworkDid you know that it’s a lot easier these days to develop responsive websites? One of the more popular tools around is an HTML5 responsive framework. Allow us to tell you why there’s so much promise with this platform.

What Development Frameworks Do?

For modern web developers, web frameworks are big help because it lets them design website front-ends faster and with less effort. Usually, frameworks have built-in functions like jQuery plugins and JavaScript.

Otherwise known as extensions, developers know the importance of plugins in rendering several functionalities and features more efficiently. Some example plugins are sliders, pagination and drop-down menus, among many of the likes.

Responsive HTML5 frameworks – whether premium or open-source ones – have these plugins and extensions to enhance the web functionalities and features of websites. Cross-browser compatibility is also solved by frameworks.

HTML5 is, what again?

Modern developers who have followed the growth of different web trends know that HTML5 is one of the latest here. Responsive frameworks thus becomes a welcome addition as a tool for web designers and developers.

Not long after Steve Jobs had slammed Flash and promoted HTML5, the language has become so popular that Flash, in the process, met its untimely demise in the web sphere.

HTML5 is also the lingua franca of mobile-based websites because it’s not only lighter but also easier to load when viewed using mobile devices. Responsive design became the new de facto requirement when building websites.

HTML5 Responsive Frameworks

Which leads us to the emergence of a tool to ease the burden among web developers tasked to complete a responsive design or HTML5-made online presence.

Another use of frameworks for building responsive design is to have a technology to develop powerful and feature-rich applications without spending a lifetime.

As days gone by, following more and more improvements, HTML5 responsive frameworks have led to the emergence of some very cool tools and modules to help developers create websites or ecommerce sites faster and more efficiently.

In Closing

In the market today, there are a lot of popular responsive HTML frameworks available to choose from. Perhaps it’s best to check out the more popular ones like Foundation, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5 Boilerplate, HTML Kickstart, SproutCore, CreateJS and more.

How Web Development Services Can Bring Outsourcing Success

web development services

English: Computer-globe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is meant by web development services? Even in the context of outsourcing, this term can be defined as a type of website solution that involve the development of websites and web applications that will be incorporated into a web presence.

The provider of web development services to meet business requirements is called web development firm or company. Whichever company can bring quality at an affordable cost vary and outsourcing is one obvious choice among smaller businesses with tight resources and budget.

By knowing some important outsourcing lessons, your business can grow its web presence and brand engagement through obtaining web development services from a reputable and reliable vendor. Here are ways to seize success:

Defining the Project Scope

When you consider outsourcing your website design and development to a company, defining the scope of your project is one of the initial steps to take. It is important to make a list of all the things you need. From analyzing the deliverables to helping you communicate your requirements with your web developer, the list can be also describe the types and qualities of development services for the web you prefer to achieve.

Setting Project Duration

Without a realistic deadline or project duration, you will only spend more and run out of budget for the website development services you sought from your strategic vendor. Setting the project timeline follows after scope definition.

Choosing the Developer of Web Services

Determining your outsourcing plan is important. Are you hiring a full-time employee or a developer of the web service on a project basis? Hiring a full-time staff may be more expensive than hiring a freelancer to do the web development services for you. Whatever your decision may be, make sure to let your hires know that you want the project completed on deadline.

Knowing Technologies to Use

For the web development services project, defining which technologies or platforms to use is vital to the development outsourcing success. This will often be dependent or based on the requirements or the user requirements set by you.

While some technologies can be used for the same project, however, there are times this is not the case. For the former, reusing technologies for other projects can give more cost-saving for your business. For the latter, you will need to spend and add expense cost to purchase additional supplies or softwares.

In sum, outsourcing is one of the best ways available for your business to maximize the resources you have to gain profit for better result. Web development services outsourcing is just one of the approaches your business can take and success will be dependent on choosing the right outsourcing partner and building a solid relationship with your partner.

Why Innovative Web Application Development Keeps Customers Coming Back


Innovation (Photo credit: Vermin Inc)

Apart from your offline store, a web store has many advantages to attract new customers and keep the loyal ones from coming back. A dynamic and functional web presence is not enough, your web presence must be innovative, which can be made possible with the help of professional web application development.


Admit that you cannot do it alone and don’t tinker around waiting for the signs. Start right away to look for a professional company who can help you and build your web application. Do not settle with just any web application development company but you must first look into an agency that’s specialising in web application development with a proven-track record in setting up e-commerce websites, custom web design and development, and mobile and desktop application.


The very good ones know how to help you achieve your business goals and requirements for innovative web application development. But if you want to do it in-house, you sure want to do good and create the best possible online retail shopping experience to your customers. Here are a few tips:


Turn the music down and eliminate distractions


Sounds obvious, yes! Attracting your visitors to find you must be followed by a very good and positive impression and not intimidating. Visitors are easily annoyed by websites that automatically play sounds or video or any kind of flash animations whose sole purpose is to slow down a shopper’s browser. The best way to provide videos on your website is by letting your visitors to set to play only when they choose to. Sometimes, the best way to present your brand, messaging and content are in a manner that is understated, clear and easy for someone to follow.


Provide clear navigation paths


Don’t let hidden menus and other elements on the page be used as some sort of wizardry, assuming your customers will be dazzled or mesmerised. They don’t and they won’t! In fact, the opposite is true and your visitors will get easily annoyed when they couldn’t move around your site. There are web application development approaches that helps users navigate their way easily to your site like providing bread crumbs that allows your users to trace their way back from page to the shopping cart. Remember that your customers will love you more if you make browsing and exploring your site intuitive in nature.


Make Shopping Cart Visible


Online, your shopping cart at your web store serves as your cash register. Remember to make your cart visible every time a customer places an item in their cart up in a corner somewhere at all times. If you can tell your professional web application development company, the cart must be able to show a customer the number of items and an initial subtotal. Checking out as soon as they are done shopping is easier this way. Remember that simplicity can deliver the goods, and the same goes in coming up with a simple, clear and fast checkout process. A shopper with the best shopping experience will return and keep coming back.