What Is Magento Connect And How Can It Help Promote Anything Online?

If you are into online marketing and you are looking for a better and an effective way to promote your products and/or services, you should look into Magento. What is Magento? Magento is an open source e-commerce web application which can be very helpful for those who are online marketers trying to promote any product or service online through their websites. It provides online marketers with exceptional elasticity and control over the appearance, content and functionality of their eCommerce website.

Magento’s intuitive administration interface features different search engine optimization, powerful marketing and catalog-management tools to give these online marketers the power to create sites that are tailored to their unique business needs. Now, with Magento Connect, another one of those useful Magento extensions, they can put their online marketing business to another higher level. And, what is Magento Connect?

Magento Connect is nothing but a collection of different Magento plugins that are very useful for online business. It is an online marketplace where merchants or online marketers can find all kinds of extensions to customize and enhance their Magento stores. These Magento extensions can do all sorts of things. Some extensions that can be found on a Magento store can help improve customer experience while there are other extensions help any online marketer run their business.

There are also other extensions of Magento that can be integrated with other applications necessary for promoting anything and there are some extensions that can help any online merchant drive more sales. There are even others that can help online marketers with their SEO or search engine optimization tasks to better optimize their ecommerce websites or virtual stores.

Today, when people will ask, “What is Magento Connect?”, for sure, the answers that they will get will really help them understand why they should be users of Magento in the first place.

So, what is Magento Connect? If you are also an online marketer, it is recommended that you get into the Magento bandwagon now and sift through the different pages of Magento Connect, that is, if you really want to catapult your online business to newer heights.


Why Use HTML5 Responsive Framework for Web Development

HTML5 frameworkDid you know that it’s a lot easier these days to develop responsive websites? One of the more popular tools around is an HTML5 responsive framework. Allow us to tell you why there’s so much promise with this platform.

What Development Frameworks Do?

For modern web developers, web frameworks are big help because it lets them design website front-ends faster and with less effort. Usually, frameworks have built-in functions like jQuery plugins and JavaScript.

Otherwise known as extensions, developers know the importance of plugins in rendering several functionalities and features more efficiently. Some example plugins are sliders, pagination and drop-down menus, among many of the likes.

Responsive HTML5 frameworks – whether premium or open-source ones – have these plugins and extensions to enhance the web functionalities and features of websites. Cross-browser compatibility is also solved by frameworks.

HTML5 is, what again?

Modern developers who have followed the growth of different web trends know that HTML5 is one of the latest here. Responsive frameworks thus becomes a welcome addition as a tool for web designers and developers.

Not long after Steve Jobs had slammed Flash and promoted HTML5, the language has become so popular that Flash, in the process, met its untimely demise in the web sphere.

HTML5 is also the lingua franca of mobile-based websites because it’s not only lighter but also easier to load when viewed using mobile devices. Responsive design became the new de facto requirement when building websites.

HTML5 Responsive Frameworks

Which leads us to the emergence of a tool to ease the burden among web developers tasked to complete a responsive design or HTML5-made online presence.

Another use of frameworks for building responsive design is to have a technology to develop powerful and feature-rich applications without spending a lifetime.

As days gone by, following more and more improvements, HTML5 responsive frameworks have led to the emergence of some very cool tools and modules to help developers create websites or ecommerce sites faster and more efficiently.

In Closing

In the market today, there are a lot of popular responsive HTML frameworks available to choose from. Perhaps it’s best to check out the more popular ones like Foundation, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5 Boilerplate, HTML Kickstart, SproutCore, CreateJS and more.

Pros And Cons Of IT Outsourcing Solutions

it outsourcing solutionsCost savings is the biggest motivator for businesses to opt for IT outsourcing solutions. It is not only financially strategic, the efficiencies and competitive edge your business are likely to gain from the approach are also values you can derive out of outsourcing your IT requirements.

For a more balanced perspective and before you move into the outsourcing process, explained here are common benefits and risks, the pros and cons of getting outsourcing solutions for your company’s important IT needs.

Pros of Outsourcing Solutions

The most obvious advantage of outsourcing your IT is cost savings. This is made possible since hiring full-time staff and running your business locally can be a very expensive affair, especially if you are an Australian business which have to contend with the high-cost of running an enterprise.

With outsourcing solutions offered cheaper by offshore companies, you get cheaper labor cost and the overhead costs are far lower. Difficulties of managing uncontrollable operational costs that are brought about certain IT functions can be resolved by hiring a company offering varied outsourcing solutions.

The result is a company that’s able to manage and maintain its financial health while streamlining cost. The resources are then saved and can be diverted to other more strategic means of business. The resulting company – due to effective outsourcing solutions – is a more successful business that’s able to withstand even the most challenging market conditions.

Human resources and manpower management is also addressed by getting outsourcing solutions form the right third-party vendor. There is an increased flexibility and more competencies that your company can derive out of the strategic outsourcing of your information technology requirements, from hiring a remote web designer, web developer to down-the-line technical support representatives and virtual workers.

Cons of Outsourcing Solutions

There is the obvious drawback of your sensitive or confidential information being tossed or abused by third-party vendor. This disadvantage brought about by paying a service provider for their outsourcing solutions can be very problematic when you let your management lose your control over your more important functions.

Quality is another matter that may suffer or get compromised when the outsourcing solutions obtained have been made with an amateur or unprofessional web development company or freelance IT specialists and consultancies. Not only quality of products that suffer, but also quantities of the output you’ll get when the provider is not the right match for you.

Another debilitating problem that outsourcing solutions obtained from the wrong provider can cause you are legal woes and hidden costs from the original price quotes you received. Terms and conditions not well explained can really bring a lot of headache for you.


So whether or not you are mindful of the pros and cons of outsourcing solutions for your IT needs, your informed decision will spell the difference.

By knowing the problems early on, you get a guide when selecting or choosing your outsourcing partner. But make sure to look for companies that regard with utmost care their partnership and keeping the relationship a long-time affair.

Benefits You Will Get in Outsourcing Secretarial Services for your Business

Outsourcing secretarial servicesRunning your start up is never easy as you will need to balance the core with non-core business strategies and functions. Outsourcing has been a boon for many companies – big or small – who are in constant search for efficiencies and cost advantages. If it is outsourcing secretarial services for your business that you need at this very moment, continue reading below why we advice you to jump ship.

What Corporate Secretarial Services Provides

Then and now, secretaries working for companies have offered relief and ease to executives and managers in juggling their works and tasks. The latest trend toward outsourcing secretarial services for your business has only picked up in recent decades, following advancements in modern Internet facilities, as well as the availability of sophisticated hardware and software tools.

Administrative requirements and needs are the basic work attended to by secretarial services companies and it also can easily be outsourced. Quite similar with an in-house or full-time secretary, outsourced secretarial services perform relative tasks of maintaining statutory books, keeping records of Board meetings and registering company secretaries or directors. Secretarial job also include filing and maintaining of your corporation’s annual reports and accounts.

From In-House to Outsourcing Corporate Secretarial Services

The preference to keep the responsibilities handled by corporate secretaries in-house has changed. Today, not a handful outsource their corporate secretarial functions. It is also proven true that managing the position directly in-house no longer holds to be true.

Outsourcing secretarial services for your business can even offer better results when remotely you can hire someone who are equally proficient, trustworthy and responsible. Being accessible has also become a relative term, made possible by virtual workers.

Organizations worldwide have realized the many benefits outsourcing secretarial services has reaped for their businesses. These days, outsourcing is preferred because it was discovered as an inexpensive option after learning the benefits outsourcing delivers.

Benefits Outsourcing Corporate Secretarial Services Offer

The results of outsourcing secretarial services for your business are plenty and can easily be felt in the level of conformity to standard practice of corporate secretarial functions that were achieved.

There were also valuable benefits in the amount of hours that can be saved when the corporate secretarial functions were delegated. Executives were more than able to focus on the more important business of the organization.

Outsourcing secretarial services for your business can also prove effective because your vendor are made aware of their responsibilities and accountability with you. Your provider ensure that you focus on your strategies as they deploy proficient and dedicated pool of secretarial services staff. They have to meet your requirements and not fail you.

With outsourcing secretarial services for your business, you can only opt for specific functions or tasks tailored for the requirements of your business. These are made possible to provide you with affordability and unparalleled efficiency of itemized or packaged corporate secretarial solutions.

Getting Shoestring Custom Website Design Services


Custom Web Design ServicesThe common notion about custom website design services is the high cost.This factor intimidates and confounds some companies from getting their websites custom-designed or developed. Rejoice, there’s still a way to get your website up and running without breaking your budget.


The Paradox of Pricing Custom Website Design

You can get some really cheap web design services but there are also a lot of very expensive ones. The very cheap website design services are often not custom-built. Pretty obvious is the use of themes or templates which are free.

There are also website design services that comes with a very high price tag. In this regard, it is the quality that brought the price up. It’s not template-based, which means no other companies or brands will use the same design template. The company gets differentiated as well.

Some custom website design that are cheap is an altogether different matter. They can really be cheap because some of the features are reduced to the only essentials. They also come cheap because they have maximized the resources available to them.


Getting Web Design Services in a Shoestring Budget

  • Use Free Resources – While you can let some professional web designer build your custom website design, it will also not hurt using free software and tools that are readily-available on the net. This is one way of letting go of the pricey software and tools to building quality sites
  • Hire A Professional Web Designer – You will pay a little steep for the first time, but you can get pretty quality custom website design services faster. The faster you get your website done, the less cost it will take you for the added or extended time of completing a project not met on deadline
  • Use Social Media for Customer Engagement – After launching your custom website design, marketing follows and you can skip advertising to save on cost allotted for marketing and promotions. Not only creating a Facebook fan page free, it also gives you cheaper means of engaging your customers intimately than advertising would permit you to do so


From the pointers above, you can now start sending your website project to a third-party. It’s also not impossible to get your desired output even if you’re tight with budget.

Hiring a professional agency that offers custom website design services is a very logical solution. It is not only advantageous in the long run, you also get a better-designed digital property at a cheaper expense when you get quality over mediocre website.

At this point, getting custom website design services on a shoestring budget is attainable. Just follow the suggested pointers above and you can inquire from your favorite consultancy for more tips.

How to Calculate the Real Custom Software Development Rates


custom software developmentThe real cost of software development projects are dictated by varying degree of factors and considerations. There is the so-called fixed-fee projects, which can be pretty easy to plan out. However, such approach is not always flexible to adapt to changes in goals, requirements and scope. That’s why there must be another method to use in estimating custom software development rates.


Often referred to as the variable-cost approach, this method in calculating rates of custom software development projects are applied to projects with highly complex or are too big that pre-defining the cost of each of its components is doubly hard or impossible. This is a hurdle, no doubt and to get a realistic custom software development rates, developers will need to use a flexible approach in cost estimation.


The cause why projects get too difficult to pre-plan start with building components one by one, then testing each one of the same until finally subjecting for reevaluation the items. Developers will then gradually build up a highly or too complex system that a plan how much the sum of all parts would cost becomes difficult.


In most cases, two post-build custom software development rates are overlooked, and they are:


Maintenance and Support Costs


Even if your provider offer to give you free software updates and low cost or free support, you will have to inquire about maintenance and support rates of custom software development projects. They are in fact frequently costlier over the software’s lifetime than it cost you during the development or build stage.

For example, after the initial “warranty” period, bugs that will be found in the software require paid development time to fix, pushing the custom software development rates exceedingly higher than initially thought or planned.


System Downtime


It’s impossible to find your completed custom software lack any bugs versus off-the-shelf software. An explanation to this is that for-sale software were subjected to thorough testing. On the other hand custom software development rates would dramatically be affected by cost of development and testing. What is the likely effect? Downtime.

Dealing with downtime will amount to some expense for your project so choose strategically which option you will select: have server or lab equipment or get some backup to support you during downtime?


Having a contingency plan in the event that software and system failures occur can bring helpful benefits, such as scaled down custom software development rates for your budget. When you select the right company which can provide you with custom-built software, make sure to include all the rate of the custom software development.


Why Your Business Must Think of Philippine Outsourcing Advantages and Disadvantages

outsourcing Philippines

A medical transcriptionist working in a medical transcription outsourced environment. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This will be a quick guide about outsourcing. The purpose of this article is to help you in deciding when outsourcing to grow your business. And Philippine outsourcing advantages and disadvantages checklist is presented in an easy-to-remember guide to help in your decision making.

A Short History

For a few decades, contact center operations are used as the benchmark in measuring the success rate of the BPO sector. The turn of events was so fast in the business landscape whereby IT services are currently getting the limelight.

When the Philippines started to enter the frame of outsourcing, it was never too long until its back-office solution services became most sought after for IT projects by international companies.

Today, the battle grows fiercer between the Philippines and India for the best global outsourcing hub spot. However, most experts agree that it will soon be the Philippines which will dominate the contact center and BPO sectors.

Should the country continue to deliver the gives since the Southeast Asian country have other qualities that give it the smarts, it has the potential to grab that place.

A number of factors sailed the Philippines to the mainstream outsourcing business – from a number of competent and professional skilled Filipinos, high English language proficiency rates, infrastructure, government support to low cost wages, the Philippine outsourcing finally get edgier and come of age.

Now, the Upside and Downside of Philippine Outsourcing


Western Culture Affinity

If you think hard about this Philippine outsourcing advantages and disadvantages list, America would surely work with Filipinos and find the strong culture affinity of the Filipinos with American culture.

Rich High-Value Talent Pool

Not only there are many educated Filipinos, these talent pool is competitive with a good command of the English language which make this race a very attractive case for foreign outsourcers.

Best of all, Filipinos are cheaper and more affordable because they offer quality services, which is a factor when deciding to outsource using this Philippine outsourcing advantages and disadvantages checklist.

The Disadvantages of Outsourcing in the Philippines

Beside Philippine outsourcing advantages, and disadvantages include increasing rental rates that BPO companies must bear when operating in major business central districts like Makati, Cebu and Davao.

It is also a demerit that there are still a few cities in the country that are equipped with sophisticated infrastructures that can handle the requirements of business process outsourcing firms.

Final Words

As helpful as knowing the right outsourcing option to grow your business, use this Philippine outsourcing advantages and disadvantages checklist when considering the country out of the other relevant countries offering BPO and IT outsourcing services.