Learn How Do Call Centers Work

how do call centers workIf you try to look around you even on the internet, you will come across dozens or even hundreds of call centers. A call center is now very popular nowadays and there are a lot of different reasons why. Obviously, one of the reasons why there exist call center services because companies especially those larger ones can’t handle anymore the volume of sales calls and queries from customers. To define, a call center is an office that receives and transmits large volumes of request by way of telephone. It operates when a company administers incoming information inquiries or product support from consumers. Some of the services that call centers are offering are appointment-setting, telemarketing, gathering and nurturing different marketing leads, debt collection, troubleshooting, selling of products, offering promotions. Additionally, there is another kind of call center that handles receiving and transmitting letters, faxes, live chats, webinars and even emails in one location and this is called a contact center. So, how do call centers work?

To understand how these call centers work, it is just the same as sales persons of a company whose job mainly is to contact customers, make an appointment, confirm the appointment, meet with the customers and present their products and/or services. Since a company would like its sales team to concentrate more on how to close deals, they needed someone or a group of people who can receive and make calls from and to the customers, respectively, and do the appointment-setting. Since the volume of calls received and transmitted are already high, they need to hire new employees to do appointment-setting and accepting queries including after-sales support.

However, these days, the cost of hiring new employees can be really high for some companies. To cut down on costs, they will outsource to BPO companies or business process outsourcing companies that are the ones that hire people whom they call as telemarketers. If they do outsource to BPO companies or call centers, they won’t be spending a lot of money since BPO companies offer competitive and reasonable rates for outsourcing.

So, how do call centers work in terms of generating leads? Lead generation is one of the best and most effective ways in getting more closed deals. For any company that promotes any product and/or service whether offline or through the internet, this is also the fastest way to get and nurture leads. Telemarketers call prospects and make appointments. When they have already confirmed the appointment, they just relay the message to the sales people of the company that hired them. Through lead generation, they will be able to identify the right customer to talk to and identify what their needs are. This way, they won’t be wasting a lot of time talking to the wrong customers.

Lastly, how do call centers work when it comes to sales support or troubleshooting? It’s the same as with lead generation. One of the most important aspects in the world of selling is to entertain the customers with after-sales support. There might be a time when a customer will complain about the product that they have purchased like in the case of computers. They will be calling up the number provided by the sales team for them to call through in case there are some technical difficulties. Instead of the sales team to handle these calls, call center agents will do all the talking regarding the concern of the customer.


Finding A Company Providing Call Center Services

call center servicesOne of the many questions that companies nowadays are entertaining on their minds is why should they try to outsource call center services when they can set up their own people to do telemarketing, entertaining queries and gather and nurture leads all at the same time, right? If they are very well concerned with how their train their sales staff to concentrate more on closing deals, they should really consider outsourcing to a call center where there will be a wide pool of people called as telemarketers or call center agents who will be doing the initial call, the gathering and nurturing of leads on their behalf. Now, another concern is finding a company providing call center services.

However, before answering that question as to what company to choose that can offer the best call center services, it is also recommended that a company should also consider where or what particularly country to choose in choosing the best BPO company or call center firm. If you try to ask around, most of the people will surely answer that it is best to outsource to a BPO company offshore particularly in this country called the Philippines.

So, finding a company providing call center services is also important, right? Yes, that is right and Philippines is a wiser choice. Do you know why? India is also considered as one of the choices. But, unlike India, this country has a culture that is compatible with that of America and some other countries and Europe and Filipinos are known to be good at adapting to other country’s culture. The Philippines was governed by the United States for many years and the effects of that are still very evident nowadays. Filipinos are very well-educated and fluent in English and English is the primary language for business and education in the Philippines. BPO companies based in the Philippines only hire people who are highly-skilled, can be well-trained and come from reputable colleges and universities. With the strong presence of the US, the Philippines had developed a government that is somewhat similar to the US system. This makes Western companies more comfortable in doing business in the Philippines and finding the right company in the Philippines that can provide services like these including customer support is the best decision that companies can ever make.

Finding a company providing call center services is the most recommended move for companies, that is, if they are very serious with their business and would like to earn bigger revenues. With a BPO company or a call center at their side, they will also surely save a lot of time, money and effort in doing telemarketing services, answering queries and making the initial step in setting up appointments. Now, all their sales team has to do is concentrate more in closing deals.