What Are The Web Design Prices In Terms Of Outsourcing To BPO Companies?

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One of the many things that most online marketers or those who are into online marketing is what are the web design prices that they should consider. If they are willing to learn how to make or design their own websites, they also have to consider many other things like the perfect domain name for their site, where to get a decent web hosting package and a lot more. But, of course, designing a website and how much will it cost would be on top of the list and even a web designer will agree to that. So, how much is web design cost?

According to a few online marketers, $200 would be a great and reasonable cost for investing on a website. They just need to create the perfect domain name which would cost around $10, a web hosting package with a price of, more or less, $150 for two years of hosting and a prepaid type of web hosting package and around $40 if they decide to use Web 2.0, something like WordPress and that could cost around $40.

A web design costs something like this is not bad after all. However, there might be an instance that when an online marketer gets past the initial stage of doing online business by creating and designing his own website, he will notice that the theme he bought is not really what he wanted to do. So, that means that they are going to consider investing on a lot of plug-ins so that their websites can look exactly as they want it to be. This could be the hardest part in web design. That means to say that they are going to spend more money, more valuable time and their effort will seem to be worthless in the end.

That is the reason why some people would like to outsource to BPO companies to get things done. All they need to do is to come up with what kind of products and/or services they would like to promote, find a good BPO company where they can outsource to and with the help of that company, find the best web designer who can do all of these things. All he needs to do is to give some instructions and tell the web designer what kind of website he would like to have.

Talking about BPO companies, many online marketers in the US and in some European companies feel very lucky because they have found some BPO companies with the best people to hire with web design prices that they can afford. One of the best countries where they can find the best BPO Company is the Philippines.

So, how much does web design in the Philippines cost? Outsourcing to a Philippine web design services company practically has the lowest rate in terms of hiring web designers. But, lowest rate doesn’t mean unsatisfactory results. The web design prices in the Philippines are unbelievably lower but with the best high-quality web design services that online marketers can every have.


Template or Custom Web Design?

Web design on a Boston Cream, er, Boston Scream.

Web design on a Boston Cream, er, Boston Scream. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Short cuts is much preferred in getting a project done. If business owners will have it their way, they will choose the fast and simple ways to design and develop the website of their company. Is it going to be template web standard or custom web design? If it can be done even for less than five hours, much better. But is the equation quicker always better any good?

Template web design pages offered by WordPress and Blogspot are pretty popular already. The newcomer is Go Daddy which released a website builder that offers hundreds of new temple designs and a free domain name with purchase. They also provide the builder is packed with easy design tools. Pretty tempting, isn’t it? But such may not be the best choice for your small business. Here are questions to ask to find out whether you get the best web design option.

1. How much do you need to differentiate your services from your competitors?

If your business is selling a very unique product and you still doesn’t have many competitors out in the field, there is no need to hurry up to stand out. A template web design may work for you in this regard. But, yes, but if you are selling your story as part of your service and sales, the best way to engage prospective customers is through building from scratch your web page design.

2. Do you need to update your content yourself on a regular basis?

A template web page will be useful or helpful for you if you don’t know how to program or develop your web presence but need to constantly update your site. Most sites that, however, need less updating than you might realise. Having your well-developed custom web design ready may only need to be updated when business information change, such as placing your new list of management officers.

3. What is your budget?

Knowing how much money you can spend on your site is arguably the most important question for you to ask in deciding the future of your web presence. What is your need to differentiate your brand from competitors must be weighed together with the cost of custom web design or template designs. Custom web page may be costlier but it can show a greater return in the future. Even if you decided now for a template web design, you can always switch over to a custom design later.

Always think of the end result when faced with the options of developing your website. A template webpage may be your fast-way ticket to show your company online but it carries some risks like not enjoying much differentiation because your chosen design may already be chosen by a hundred or thousand other companies already.

Given such scenario, the custom web design has an obvious advantage and edge. Designing your website from scratch gives your company a lot of chance to be noticed and attract pensive attention of your customers.

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